Funny Moments #2: Golden Boy

Golden Boy is a seinen manga that borderline’s hentai territory in my opinion especially on the latter part of the series. The humour of this show leans more on dirty jokes and consists of partial nudity, female masturbation and orgasms which won’t appeal to everyone. To be fair, there’s a lesson in every episode which makes the show great and doesn’t fall into the pornographic category. If you’re into grin jokes this is just the thing for you. Here’s another funny moments episode from Golden Boy.

Funny Moments #1: Golden Boy

Here’s part 1 of most hilarious moments of the Anime classic, Golden Boy. Kintaro Oe is hands down one of the funniest characters in Anime history. Doug Smith, the english voice actor immortalised this character with its over-the-top performance and ridiculous line deliveries. His stupid tones and sound effect fits perfectly with Kintaro’s silly personality. If you haven’t seen this show yet, I highly recommend you do. You won’t regret it. In fact, you’d thank me later for doing so.

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