5 Facts about Kimi no Na wa

  1. The red braided cord that Mitsuha used to tie her hair symbolises as the “Red String of Fate” which Japanese believed to be the bind that connects two destined people.
  2. The promo poster of teenage Taki and Mitsuha on the stairs never happen in the film instead they met there when they were adults.
  3. The names of the four women of the Miyamizu family: Hitoha, Futaba, Mitsuha, Yotsuha literally translates as one leaf, two leaf, three leaf and four leaf.
  4. The Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 was the main inspiration for the film’s meteor disaster.
  5. The initial idea for Kimi No Na Wa came up from an advertisement video Makoto Shinkai had previously worked on.

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